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Climate Activists Launch Climate Mobilization in Santa Cruz

On Sunday, June 14th 2015, approximately 40 people rallied in Santa Cruz as part of the Climate Mobilization, a call for an effort by the nation to mobilize resources on the level done for WW2 to address the problem of climate change with the resources of the nation.

(Photo: S. Phillips, 350 Santa Cruz)

Read coverage of the rally by Indymedia here and view a Facebook album of the event (account required) here.

March in Oakland for Real Climate Leadership

Over 8000 Californians marched in Oakland for real climate leadership on Saturday, February 7th, 2015 with the message that fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is not safe for communities in California or wise if we are to mitigate the effects of climate change. This was the largest anti-fracking focused march in the history of the US.

(Photo: P. Seales, 350 Santa Cruz)

Members of 350 Santa Cruz attended the event, lead by energized organizer Pauline who organized for a bus to transport folks from Santa Cruz to Oakland and back in climate-friendly fashion. Thank you and well done Pauline. March organizers wanted to send a message to the governor of California, Jerry Brown, that real climate leadership is needed and that fracking should not be a part of his adminstration's energy policy for California.

Outside News, Commentary, and Content of Interest

Announcements and Actions

July and August, 2015

1) For information on oil trains activism - related to climate change - please visit the Stop Oil Trains campaign website.

2) 350 Santa Cruz supports action against the passing of both Fast Track Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement involving 12 nations on the Pacific rim that affects 40% of the global economy which has been negotiated in secret. At this stage, you can contact your senators and register your 'nay' position and ask them to stand up for workers here in the US and the environment. There has been coverage about the TPP on Democracy Now! recently, and you can browse these resources on the TPP made available by our local partner, the Sierra Club.

3) You can view the event list of 350 Bay Area for *even more* opportunities to get involved in climate action in the area around Santa Cruz - i.e, the San Francisco Bay Area. You can also view the event list of 350 Silicon Valley for more opportunities.

4) We're happy to announce our new Climate Change Speaker Program. We provide knowledgeable speakers in English or Spanish to schools, religious institutions, civic and philanthropic groups and others on a broad range of topics related to climate change and its effects. To schedule a speaker contact Sandra Cohen slcohen222 (at) cruzio (dot) com or Sheila Carrillo escuelita (at) baymoon (dot) com.

5) If you would like to be involved with the community of 350 Santa Cruz, contact us. You may also see us at our next planning/community meeting.

6) New book club. Having read and discussed Naomi Klein's important new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, a group of concerned Santa Cruz County residents is starting up a new reading/study group. We'll meet once a week, in conveniently located homes, starting the week of May 4, each time discussing one or more articles concerned with climate change and other forms of human-induced ecological devastation. Our focus will be not only on what is happening and why but what we can do about it, both locally and nationally/internationally. We'll probably start off with a discussion of this article on the California drought. What other articles we read will depend on who joins the group. If you're interested in participating, contact Michael Gasser at mgasser (at), indicating days and times that are good for you.

7) Let's see the University of California divest from fossil fuels. Visit Fossil Fuel Free's website and sign their petition today. Also, please read this blog post written by the Sierra Club Ventana Chapter's intern, Rebecca Kay, on Fossil Free UC at UC Santa Cruz. Last, visit Fossil Free UC Santa Cruz's Facebook page for the latest updates.

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At present, our public Facebook page and our Events Calendar are the avenues by which casual followers can stay most up to date with our local event listings. If you are interested in more detailed messages, view our group forum and mailing list page.

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Local Media and Climate Change

  • Democracy Now! often features news and segments on climate change sometimes with's Bill McKibben. Listen to Democracy Now! on local FM radio by tuning into KUSP 88.9 FM at 9 am or KPFA 97.5 FM (in Santa Cruz, 94.1 FM around Santa Cruz) at both 6am and 9am Monday through Friday.

  • The Pacifica Evening News covers climate change, fracking, and the drought and among the news in California and beyond. Tune in to the community radio stations KPFA on 97.5 or 94.1 FM at 6 pm every evening or KZSC 88.1 FM at 6pm every evening to hear it.

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